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Processing of personal data

Processing of personal data

Under Article 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, the processing of personal data is based on the principles of fairness, legality and transparency, and therefore protects the confidentiality and rights of customers. Data reported to Elle Gemini Luisa Leone on the occasion of contractual relations, or in the formation of contractual relations, will be subject to computer or manual processing related to:
a) purposes related to civil, tax and accounting standards; to administrative management; to compliance with contractual obligations; to support and information related to the services purchased by the customer;
b) information on future initiatives and the announcement of new services both by our company and by our external consultants.
The data related to point a) will be used by our employees, partners and external consultants in the execution of commissioned work.
It should be noted that the consent for the data processing for the purposes indicated in point a) is mandatory and essential for the execution of the work entrusted to us. Contrarily, consent will be optional for the purposes of the actions referred to in point b): in the case of a refusal of consent of the latter hypothesis, we will be unable to ensure information related to the development of our services.
Gemini Elle di Luisa Leone ensures that the data processing carried out with or without the aid of electronic or automated means will be done through appropriate tools to ensure security and privacy. This may include - in the respect of the limits and conditions set by the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 - one or more of the following data operations: collection, recording, organization, storage, processing, modification, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, cancellation, destruction.
The holder of the data processing is Elle Gemini Luisa Leone, based at San Giuseppe Street 58, 20882 Bellusco (MB), mail which will use the date processing for the purposes mentioned above
With regard to the holder of the data processing it is always possible to exercise rights under Article 7 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003.
As of receipt of this information, consent will be considered granted for the processing of personal data related to points a) and b) unless otherwise indicated and sent in writing.

Web Analytics

MediaMover uses cookies for the sole purpose of providing the contracted service. The data recorded temporarily will not be used for any other purpose. In addition to cookies, managed directly, MediaMover uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ( "Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies. Cookies are files deposited on your computer to allow the website to analyze how users use the site.
The information generated by cookies on the use of the website on your part (including your IP address) will be transmitted and deposited in the Google Server in the United States. Google will use this information in order to track and examine your use of the website and provide other services related to the activities of the page and the use of Internet.
Google can also communicate this information to third parties when the law imposes it or in the case where such third parties process the information on behalf of Google.
Google will not link your IP address with any other data possessed by Google. You have the ability to decline cookies by selecting the impost in your browser, but this could impede the use of certain features of this website. Using this website, you agree to the processing of your data by Google with the terms and for the purposes indicated above.
I authorize the use of my data as indicated *
Acceptance of Regulation


1) Description

MediaMover is a Gemini Elle Luisa Leone service, an agency specializing in the field of communication and direct marketing. Elle Gemini, through MediaMover online services, offers customers a database of email addresses of Italian newspapers and journalists.

Through the platform MediaMover and after registration, the user will have access to the following services:
  • Sending of press releases to mailing lists of newspapers / journalists personalized according to the choices made by the customer (€ 0.50 per single contact)
  • Drafting of the statement by an expert journalist (€ 100.00 c / u)
  • Text Revision (€ 70.00 per review)
  • Translation (€ 0.18 per word)
  • Phone calls (€ 3.50 per telephone contact)
  • Collection of press clippings (€ 60.00 monthly collection + n ° 5 free cuts, € 3.00 c / u by subsequent cuts)

Elle Gemini archives the personal data of registered users to offer the service, reserving the right to send email advertising to those who use the service.

2) Costs and payment 

Service costs are calculated depending on the number of email addresses of newspapers and journalists that make up the mailing list created by the user.
The system only calculates the number of unique and individual contacts, i.e. excluding any eventual repeated e-mail addresses present in the mailing list selected by the customer, and allows the display of real-time quotes as described its its web section.
Add to these costs any optional services selected by the user at the time of the order (text revision, translation, phone calls to reporters, collecting newspaper clippings).
All MediaMover services are not taxable of Iva according to article 1, paragraph 100, Law 24/12/2007 n. 244 - "Regime Minimi"
Only payments by credit card, prepaid systems (such as PayPal) or by bank transfer are accepted.
The selected services will be activated only after notification of payment, especially for payments by credit card and communication cro code for payments made by bank transfer. An invoice summary of the contracted services will follow.

3) Publication of press releases via

Through the MediaMover web interface, registered users can upload their releases to be published on the MediaMover website at the discretion of our team.
Published press releases and accompanying materials will be available in My MediaMover, a personal page for each registered user.
It is only possible to publish press releases written in Italian.
No explicit advertising texts will be published, if not informative, useful to the public and written correctly.
Elle Gemini is not responsible for the content posted by registered users or for the consequences that people, things or companies could suffer from these texts, directly or indirectly.
The publication of materials that violate national and international laws is prohibited. MediaMover considers the publication of material protected by copyright, obscene or offensive, a violation of its own rules.
You can add up to two links to external web pages as long as they are relevant to the subject of the press release and do not lead to adult websites, gambling and/or affiliates. All linked web pages must follow Italian and European laws.
Elle Gemini does not perform fact checks on the information published. Text content will not be fact checked and only the form will be reviewed to comply with the MediaMover publication system.
Elle Gemini does not guarantee the publication of all press releases proposed by registered users: for undisputable reasons the team may decide to remove or not publish a statement. This decision will be communicated to the authors of the statement via email.
The MediaMover technical team reserves the right to modify texts and correct any spelling. This may inlude modifying titles and texts to make them clearer. Such changes will not be communicated to the client.
The publication of content on the website is not periodic.

4) Sending press releases

Elle Gemini offers to its customers the "MediaMover" service for sending press releases to newspapers and journalist mailing list.
Elle Gemini is not responsible for any content communicated through the MediaMover service or for any damages it may cause to people, things and companies, directly or indirectly.
The email addresses to which customers send their communiqués are part of the database owned by Elle Gemini. Access to the service does not allow for the transfer of the database or part of it.
The service is active from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 18.30
Sending procedure:
1) register at and accept the following regulations and authorizations in conformity with data protections.
2) upload the press release to the MediaMover web interface according to the technical modalities provided by the service.
3) Upload any annexes according to the technical modalities provided by the service
4) Chose and create a mailing list of newspapers and journalists depending on three criteria (media-diffusion-sector)
5) Chose the date and time at which the statement will be sent.
6) Immediate payment by credit card (PayPal payment system) or bank transfer
The MediaMover team is committed to sending all press releases at the customers chosen date and time once the procedure described above has been successfully carried out.
After the sending of each press release, the user will receive an e-mail notification.
The press releases and communiqués sent through  MediaMover  will be published on the MediaMover Press Releases website.
All press releases and accompanying materials will be collected and made available in the My MediaMover section , the MediaMover personal page that offered to every registered users.
Elle Gemini reserves the right to block the sending out of  any communiqués containing offensive or harmful content that might go against dignity and morality. In this case the customer will be refunded the entire amount paid.

5) Reviewing the text

When selecting text revision service, the user will benefit from the assistance of an expert in communication and media relations that will review the text according to journalistic style. The service will be carried out within one business day from its application at most.
The revised statement will be uploaded to the user’s personally reserved My MediaMover  page and the user can make any changes until the requested date and time of shipping.

6) Text Translation

The translation service is carried out by expert translators in the field of marketing and communication. The work will be carried out within a maximum of two business days counting from the day after the service request .

The rate is subject to the number of words counted by the system. They are counted and all words, including articles, symbols and numbers translate, even if repeated. Any images and/or multimedia contents apart from the ASCII text are not counted. In case of errors in translation or nonconformity by the customer in the terms used, it will not be possible to order a new translation or a review of the statement.
The translation of the statement will be uploaded to the customer’s reserved My Medimover  page by the technical team and the user can make any changes to the scheduled time of shipping previously request when originally ordering the service.

7) Telephone communication service 

Our professionals will communicate directly by telephone with the editor’s offices of the publications who will have received your press release through the Mediamover communications platform.
The MediaMover team will seek the interest and attention of the journalist by giving, if necessary, further information in order to increase the chances that the news gets published.
The cost of service is calculated automatically depending on the number of newspapers and publications present on the mailing list selected by the customer.
The telephone communication service will be activated the day following the sending of the press release.
After the service is completed, a report will be written with the list of newspapers that received the statement and the results obtained through the telephone communication service. The report will be uploaded by the technical team to the customer reserved My MediaMover area.

8) Collection of press and news clippings 

Through collaboration with expert companies in the multimedia monitoring & analysis industry, MediaMover customers can benefit from our monthly press and news clippings collection service. The service is activated simultaneously  with the sending the press release and consists of:
a) Supervision of the paper and online press and  media in order to find articles published after sending the client’s statement;
b) A notice of publication in the user reserved My MediaMover area, complete with the following information: name of the newspaper, date published, broadcast and reach, frequency, page number of publication, original dimension in cm;
c) Delivery of published articles in digital format (PDF in color)
The pdf will will be uploaded to the cuser and customer reserved My MediaMover area by the technical team.
The service costs 60,00 euros per month and includes the activities just described.

I accept the terms and conditions of Regulation*