At Mediamover we know the importance of a strong web presence, with clear messages aimed at our target demographic. 
For this reason, thanks to our collaboration with qualified partners, Mediamover offers its clients services capable of creating an online word of mouth that increases visibility and business opportunities.


Digital PR activity, very often connected to all the types of activities that social networks are interested in, aims to increase the viral factor of your stories online.


Advertising campaigns last for a limited time, relations remain.
That said, one of the main purposes of our publishing projects is to use social networks not only as an advertising tool, but also as an opportunity for dialogue with your audience and target demographic.
Analysis of objectives, planning of strategic actions, study of language and content to publish. These are just some of the key steps to consider when using social networks effectively and profitably.


Video it is becoming an increasingly important online tool.
Infographics to launch products or services, backstage video of events and more.
The range of this tool is endless, from advertising to social networks, for which specific videos are created.
The use is audio recordings, footage or animated graphics communicates a message tailored exclusively to your needs.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Advertising (ADV)

Social networks also have specific rules regarding advertising activities. Knowledge of these rules allows us efficiently to advertise any type of campaign.
Developing Facebook applications, online events and contests, increasing the visibility of your posts and the number of followers are just some of the activities we conduct for professionals, companies and all those who choose social networks as a media outlet to be known or to strengthen their brand positioning.


There exists a very useful tool in the world of online advertising: “pay per click “ Ads.
With Adwords , Youtube and many other vertical portals , we help companies to advertise their business.
Achieving good results after an investment is not always easy. For this reason, rely on a team of certified Google Adwords consultants to maximize the benefits of this activity while avoiding splurges in your budgets.